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There are now medium voltage 7.2kV FUJI Vacuum Contactor

FUJI 7.2kV medium voltage fuses , varity ampare , see below

Temperator Protection Relay for motor  TPR-6/6, SOLCON, see below

Here are the components/equipments left over from our projects and they are ready to be delivered for you..

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7.2kV Fuji Vacuum Contactor Drawout

FUJI vacuum contactor 6.6kV with accessories, CT 200A, 46AY-2L1
USD5468.- / set exwork Bangkok Thailand price.
model: 46AY-2L1D
Breaking capacity 4kA
rated voltage 3.3/6/6kV
Draw-out type/Bushing type connector with shutter
rated current 200A
with Mechanically latched type
100-110VAC,100-110VDC closing/tripping coils
for fuse JB-6/100-200A (fuses not included)
PT 2x6.6kV/110V
CT 3x200/5A

 FUJI medium voltage vacuum contactor drawout type

 Fuji 6.6kV Vacuum Contactor frontFUJI 6.6kV vacuum contactor back

FUJI vacuum contactor current transformer


FUJI 6.6kV HV HRC Fuses

Power Fuses 7.2kV FUJI JB-6/xxx listed below; (no paper box)
12 pieces fuse 200A ($400.- each, sell in 3 pieces)
3 pieces fuse 50A ($300.- each, sell in 3 pieces)
3 pieces fuse 100A ($300.- each, sell in 3 pieces)
3 pieces fuse 150A with paralel structure. ($300.- each, sell in 3 pieces)

FUJI HV HRC Fuse table

FUJI HV HRC Fuse JB type table



Motor Temperature relay TPR-6/6 Solcon

Temperature Protection Relay for motor  TPR-6/6, SOLCON

7 units available, price each USD1285.- Exwork Bangkok Thailand

they can input 6 RTD or thermister (temperature detector)
display of RTD or Thermister operating data
Programmable inputs and outputs
RS485 communication. Two protection levels for alarm and trip.
they are never been used. They are left over from the project.
The units are in new condition. The cover boxes are a little bit looks old.
see attached photoes for more specification

temperature protection relay for motor Solcon

motor temperature protection relay SOLCON

Motor temperature RTD input SOLCON



Test plug Areva MMLG01

1 test plug for Areva MMLG01

price USD150.- each exwork Bangkok Thailand

test plug for Areva MMLG01



test plug for Areva MMLG01


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