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There are now medium voltage 7.2kV FUJI Vacuum Contactor

FUJI 7.2kV medium voltage fuses , varity ampare , see below

Temperator Protection Relay for motor  TPR-6/6, SOLCON, see below

Here are the components/equipments left over from our projects and they are ready to be delivered for you..

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7.2kV Fuji Vacuum Contactor Drawout

FUJI vacuum contactor 6.6kV with accessories, CT 200A, 46AY-2L1
USD5468.- / set exwork Bangkok Thailand price.
model: 46AY-2L1D
Breaking capacity 4kA
rated voltage 3.3/6/6kV
Draw-out type/Bushing type connector with shutter
rated current 200A
with Mechanically latched type
100-110VAC,100-110VDC closing/tripping coils
for fuse JB-6/100-200A (fuses not included)
PT 2x6.6kV/110V
CT 3x200/5A

 FUJI medium voltage vacuum contactor drawout type

 Fuji 6.6kV Vacuum Contactor frontFUJI 6.6kV vacuum contactor back

FUJI vacuum contactor current transformer


FUJI 6.6kV HV HRC Fuses

Power Fuses 7.2kV FUJI JB-6/xxx listed below; (no paper box)
12 pieces fuse 200A ($400.- each, sell in 3 pieces)
3 pieces fuse 50A ($300.- each, sell in 3 pieces)
3 pieces fuse 100A ($300.- each, sell in 3 pieces)
3 pieces fuse 150A with paralel structure. ($300.- each, sell in 3 pieces)

FUJI HV HRC Fuse table

FUJI HV HRC Fuse JB type table



Motor Temperature relay TPR-6/6 Solcon

Temperature Protection Relay for motor  TPR-6/6, SOLCON

7 units available, price each USD1285.- Exwork Bangkok Thailand

they can input 6 RTD or thermister (temperature detector)
display of RTD or Thermister operating data
Programmable inputs and outputs
RS485 communication. Two protection levels for alarm and trip.
they are never been used. They are left over from the project.
The units are in new condition. The cover boxes are a little bit looks old.
see attached photoes for more specification

temperature protection relay for motor Solcon

motor temperature protection relay SOLCON

Motor temperature RTD input SOLCON



Test plug Areva MMLG01

1 test plug for Areva MMLG01

price USD150.- each exwork Bangkok Thailand

test plug for Areva MMLG01



test plug for Areva MMLG01


end of line.

MV Switchgear-IEC

Medium Voltage Switchgear IEC standard

We provide IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission, European standard)  type tested medium voltage switchgear from 2 manufacturers. One is GE Secogear from Shanghai, China and the other is Siemens from either Jarkata, Indonesia or from Thailand. There can be air insulated switchgear (AIS) using air as insulation medium for all the busbars and MV components (like CTs, PTs, support insulator, earthing switch) or can be gas insulated switchgear (GIS) using SF6 gas as insulation for all busbars and MV components. There is also the option for better environment we culd use 50% SF6 + 50% N2. This latter can also devided as per the light duty (we call Ring Main Unit) and heavy duty (we call Gas Insulated switchgear GIS). The circuit breaker is vacuum type circuit breaker that use vacuum as a switching medium.

The switchgear can be equipped with any protection relays from any maker, like GE Multilin, Siemens Siprotec, Alstom and etc. The switchgear can be equiped with arc protection devices like VAMP or ABB. The Substation control system can also implement in the switchgear using intelligent relay protection set. The switchgear can also be equiped with special windows for Thermal image scanner to check the fit busbar connections.

We will do all the design work i.e. single line diagram, foundation layout, panel layout, schematic diagram, wiring terminal list. we can also do relay setting coordination study providing that the network data received from the customer.

After delivery, we could provide installation and commissioning for them. The standard warranty is 1 year with the option to extend it to 3 years.

We have experiences working with the sophisticated consultant like Foster Wheeler, Technip and etc. the documentation required is not concern us.

The rating of the IEC standard switchgear are as follows;

Technical Rating AIS GIS
Rated Voltage 3.3-45kV 3.3-45kV
Rated Current 630-4000A 200-4000A
Rated short circuit current 25kA-50kA, 1or3sec. 16kA-40kA, 1or3 sec.
Internal Arc rating 25kA,31.5kA, 40kA 1 sec 16kA, 25kA, 31.5kA, 40kA 1sec

The rating that is rarely find from the market is 24kV and 31.5kA can be quoted by us.

 We could also provide medium voltage switchegear with marine certificate.

For Ring Main unit we could provide 630A 36kV rating.


 The gas insulated switchgear can be IEC or GB standard





credit: General Electric MV switchgear, Siemens MV switchgear

PCB Assembly

PCB Electronics Assembly

We do PCB Electronics Assembly from prototype 5-6 sets up to mass production. We could also provide the chassis, boxes, cases made from aluminium, steel or plastic as per the requirement. The chassis, boxes and cases are prioritized to be made in Thailand. The complete electronics module with wiring fixed neatly inside its enclosure.

With the design and PCB files from the customer, we procure the required components (resistors, capacitors, LED, ICs, push boton, connectors and etc..) from the reliable source like Digikey, Element14, MouserRScomponent and Electronic Soruce. We could also sourcing the hard to find parts. All the components are re-checked again by us. We provide good quality PCB of upto 32 layers. The components are planned and solder into the PCB upto by SMD soldering machine. They are done according to Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies (IPC-A-610). We do both ROHS products and non-ROHS products. all of the assembly are done by our sub contracting ISO9000 factories in Thailand.



We do CPU, Microcontroller programming into the module and run the test. We could do tests that are required by the customer. The self test programming shall be from the customer..The non-pass units are to be re-checked according to the circuit diagram to find the problems parts or soldering putty. then the replacement or adjusting of the parts are to be done.





Retrofit GE PowerBreak I Air Circuit Breaker

PowerBreak IRetrofit solutions of the obsolete GE PowerBreak I
50kA, 2000A, 3000A, 4000A
replace with the next generation UL approved GE PowerBreak II or GE Mpact Air Circuit Breaker
or just change the already aging RMS9 trip unit to EntelliGuard TU trip unit

We could survey the ACBs on site and advise the appropriate option.

PowerBreak II3 possible solutions are;

Solution1  is to retrofit the GE PowerBreak I to GE PowerBreak II Air Circuit Breaker (ANSI/UL) and conversion kits. This option is with higher cost. The fact is that GE PowerBreak is the most durable Air Circuit Breaker (UL standard calls Insulated Case Circuit Breaker). This new PowerBreak II will be last 2 time longer than the IEC Air Circuit Breaker in the market. From the records of PowerBreak I, the Circuit Breaker upto now is average 17-20 years old and still running good.

PowerBreak I

 PowerBreak IIPowerBreak II

PowerBreak II backPowerBreak II flame


 GE Mpact Air circuit breakerSolution 2 is to retrofit the GE PowerBreak I to GE Mpact Air Circuit Breaker and conversion kits. This is the econonical solution in a short term. If consider long term at the time span of 15 years, the solution 1 is with lower cost, lower outage over 15 years.






      Solution 3 to change the trip unit RMS9 of GE PowerBreak I
      with the new EntelliGuard TU Trip unit and conversion kits.

Trip Unit RMS9EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit

The work shall be completed in a night in Bangkok for retrofit of 3 sets PowerBreak I. This includes testing and commissioning of the new replacement. The relay setting coordination study and setting value input can also be done optionally.

P.S. the Entelliguard TU Trip Unit and its conversion kits can also be used for other old ACB i.e. GE AK/AKR, GE WavePro, Allis Chalmer, I-T-E, Westinghouse

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.

ole model GE Air Circuit Breaker

RITZ Instrument transformer


We are an official distributor of Thailand
RITZ makes very high quality instrument tranformers, from Germany.
We provide the instrument transformer from 2 locations upto the model availability.
The voltage are ranged from 3.3kV upto 72.5kV.
Please feel free to send us enquiry. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CT ASS CT bushing type
CT head type72kv CT outdoor 72kV
CT outdoor compact CT outdoor standard
CT LV text  
pt WITH FUSE VT double pole
VT single pole VT VEs
VT plug in VT outdoor 72kV
VT outdoor single pole VT outdoor double pole

GE Limitamp Motor Starter




Limitamp Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers


Metal enclosed controller in bussed lineups that
are used to control and protect squirrel cage induction
and synchronous motors. It can also be used to feed
transformers and other power-utilized circuits



1200A-3000A Bus
Contactor 400, 800A
2500HP Max @4800V
50kA symetrical
UL347 / NEMA ICS 3, part1
stationay or Draw-out Contactor


Basic Starter Types


AC Induction Motors
RVAT-Auto Transformer
RVPR-Primary Reactor
Two Speed (2S2W - 2S1W)


Synchronous motor
(Usually low RPM motors / Steady torque)
Three basic components
Stator controller - FVNR, RVAT, SSRV
Exciter - for motor field winding
                DC power supply - KW rated
Motor monitor - Multilin SPM
quote - must have motor data
motor HP, Voltage, Field Current and Voltage


        limitamp0 color


limitamp0 1highs limitamp0 2highs

MVSS Solid state


Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Rating upto 5KV

Standard Features of Class E-2 Controller
Heavy Duty Soft Starter
125% Continuous Duty Rating
500% Overload Capacity for 60 seconds, 600%
for 30 seconds
Digital Microprocessor Control with Non-volatile Memory
LCD Display with Programming Keypad and status LEDs
Advance Solid State Motor Protection
Control Power Transformer
with primary and secondary fuses
Built-in Normal-test circuit
N1, 1A, 12 or 3R Enclosure
Isolated Low Voltage Compartment
Mechanical and Electrical Interlocks


All spare parts are avaliable.

Retrofits are also avalable.

 please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






GE Busway Busduct for low voltage system

GE Busway Busduct for low voltage system

GE Busway is well known in high quality and now competitive pricing, please email us..

We have stock of plug in box of various rating in Thailand. Ready to be delivered.

We also do shop drawing of GE busway (standard route at 285USD) Needs true scale of busduct routing in ACAD.

GE also has medium voltage busway UL standard.


NOW Stock for Plug in or Bus Plugs are available as follows;


250A Bus Plug for Spectra Busway

GE Spectra UL Bus Plugs SB425SFLGZ

3P4W for GE Spectra busway/busduct
with UL breaker SFLA 3P4W 250A AC

480V electronic trip 250A
short circuit rating 65kA ,
standard splash proof 
made in USA

100A Bus Plug for Spectra Busway

GE Spectra UL Bus Plugs SB410SELGZ

3P4W for GE Spectra busway/busduct
with UL breaker SELA 3P4W 100A AC

480V electronic trip 100A
short circuit rating 65kA ,
standard splash proof  
made in USA


GE busduct busway low voltage are 3 models as follows;


Spectra Series™   (ANSI/UL standard)

This model is proven installed in high rise buildings and industial sector for more than 150 sites since 1995

busduct busway Spectra1


  • Best in the world
  • 225-5000A (Copper) 225-4000A (Aluminum)    
  • Type-Tested to IEC60947-2 and UL 857
  • Sandwich Design
  • Epoxy Insulation (GE blue Epoxy patent)
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Joint Guard Protection
  • Suitable for use in heavy industrial and commercial areas
  • 50 years service life


WaveProLT™ Series  (IEC standard)

busduct busway ge wavePro

  • 225-5000A (Copper)   100-4000A (Aluminum)   
  • Type-Tested to IEC60947-2
  • Sandwich Design
  • Mylar Insulation
  • High performance, compact busway product
  • Color coded temperature monitor at Joint
  • Suitable for use in commercial buildings and factories.
  • 30 years service life


WaveProF™ Series  (IEC standard – Fire Resistant)

Busduct busway wavepro F fireproof
  • 630-5000A (Copper)
  • Type-Tested to IEC60331: 750degreeC / 180min, BS6387: 950degreeC/180 min
  • Excellent Fire Proof performance
  • Sandwich Design, IP68
  • High performance, compact busway product
  • Suitable for use in emergency generator circuit, chemical , oil and gas industry.


More detail on the busway busduct. Mixed photoes of all 3 models

sample of busduct connection.

Busduct Connection Tr MDB


Shop drawing sample

We also do shop drawing of GE busway (standard route at 285USD)

Needs true scale of busduct routing in ACAD.


busduct busway shop drawing

  Fire proof wall is possible 

busduct wavePro fireproof wall


























Cross section of busduct varies by its rated current 

busduct wavePro Cross section



















Elbow is choiced in Flatwise or Edgewise

busduct waveProElbow

















Flang End to connect to power transformer or main distribution board or others

busduct waveProFlangeEnd


















Joint , easy to be installed to connect between straight piece, elbow, flang end and other

busduct waveProJoint

















Plug in box with MCCB. We have stock for plug in box of Spectra busway

busduct WaveProPlugin

















How to mount plug in box of Wave Pro LT busway

busduct WaveProPlugin connect












Straight piece

busduct waveProstraight
















WavePro F fire resistant busway, type tested in fire capability

 busduct waveProF fireproof


busduct waveProF fireproof burn test



















busduct waveProF fireproof wallburnt test





























Joint is molded to acheive IP68

busduct waveProF fireproof joint






Joint is molded to acheive IP68

busduct waveProF fireproof mold

















Plug in box

busduct waveProF fireproof plugin





Any questions you may send us email..


Fast Bus Transfer

fast bus transfer BTS 2000No Power Shutdown

Continuous Power

Aartech BTS2000, Fast Bus transfer system

The system is with less than 2 cycle of dead bus time

for Power Generation Utility and all plants requires continuous process (no interuption)

in phase transfer mode - transfer at first slip cycle phase coincidence with 2nd order prediction algorithm, resudule voltage transfer mode, momentary paralleling mode, protective as well as intelligent automatic transfer initiation (U/V, U/F, df/dt criterion) , ANSI C50.412000 compliant, complete online testing, complete installation and commissioing with 100% support, continuous breaker trip and close circuit monitoring, smart breaker failure processing, integrated system interlocks, upto 4 breaker scheme a single platform, standard communication protocals, advance software tools for virtual testing, transfer event uplaod, replay "What if" anlysis, oscillography, SOE and online viewing etc., smart and can be tailored features like remote communications, customized scheme, customized HMI , motors are saved and life extended from high inrush/reaccelerating currents caused by bus transfer (engineering study)



BTS 2000 fast bus transfer  4 breakers Scheme fast bus transfer


Transfer Stage BTS2000 fast bus transfer

bus Spin Down Characteristic fast bus transfer bts2000


BTS2000inside Panel fast bus transfer


More than 28 years of technical expertise and experieince, more than 400 BTS2000 schemes installed in power plants / process industries worldwide (more than 60,000 MW) since 2000, in house skilled design and R&D team, providing annual maintenance service according to customer's requirements, prompt technical support.

Fast bus transfer system for low voltage , low tension system is also available. BTS2000 low tension low voltage fast bus transfer

Online Partial Discharge Monitoring for Rotating Machine

Online Partial Discharge Monitoring for Rotating Machine

Sparks Instruments SA, MC-monitoring SA , Switzerland

Advance notice the conditions of your generator or large motor's insulation for very effective preventive maintenance. Much reduce unplanned shutdown.

The system will get online the high frequency signal from the high voltage power of the generator or large motor and this high frequency signal can be the indicator for partial discharge level in each certain part of the generator or motor. At a certain level of partial discharge that we get online from the system can be used to plan the inspection or overhaul the generator or the large motor. it is for Hydro Generators, Turbo Generator, Wind turbine, industrial Motors.


typical Installation Partial Discharge Online

Local Data Visualization

The system comprises of 1000pF high voltage Coupling Capacitor to get all the target frequency from the high voltage level and the signal is fed into the Partial Discharge Online Monitoring unit. The unit will show the instant Partial Discharge information. it also record the information and create a trend for projection. The information can be viewed from the LCD screen of the unit or can be download to a notebook PC. in addition the information can be conneccted online to the data storage server for later analyse. The information can also be communicated via SCADA. Many units of Generators and/or Motors can be monitored separately and send all the information to the data storage server.

Coupling Capacitor 24kV rms 1000pF for online partial discharge monitoring

Coupling Capacitor 24kV 1000pf Key Features

-Norminal voltage 24kV rms

-Build in Quadrupole with voltage

reference output

-Build in Overvoltage Protection

-Capacitive floating Signal output

to avoid Eddy Current Loops

Coupling Capacitor

















There is a case that the Coupling Capacitor cannot be used as their electrical connection point is close to the surge absorbing capacitor of the generator, then the high frrequency current transformer (HFCT) shall be used. The system connection is the same as the coupling capacitor.

High frequency current transformerSurge Capacitor with HFCT

The online partial discharge monitoring unit can be a portable one or a permanent installation in a junction box nearby the coupling capacitor

portable Partial Discharge Analyser

System Connection PD Online

 Sparks Instruments offers the unique 3 phase simultaneous measurement of the partial discharge online monitoring that can monitor the end winding section of the generator. this system mesure partial discharge signal between phase to phase not only phase to ground. the extended local display is below;

Local Data Visualization Extended phase to phase

in addition, Sparks Instruments offers the various effective noise rejection method so that the partial discharge pattern cen be viewed clearly without noise from the system

Noise Rejection with Filtering

Noise Rejectionwith Gating

Many Generators or Motors' partial data can be fed into the central station for comparison and stored for analyse. the system can be communicated to SCADA.

system Intregration with SCADA



This Partial Discharge Online motoring system will supervise the insulation of the winding of the generator and/or large motors. There is another effective and benefitial tool to indicate in advance the rotor interturn short circuit using what we call Air Gap Flux Probe.

Apart from this Partial Discharge Online monitoring system for Generators and Large Motor (rotating machines) , Sparks Instruments also offer the instulation and condition monitoring system for large transformer, high voltage gas insulated switchgear, underground installation high voltage cable, high gas insulated busduct and also medium voltage switchgear.


The other part that we would like to introduced together with the above monitoring is the Airgap Flux probe for early detection of short circuit in the inter-tuen of the rotor in the generator and also Insulation and condition monitoring for high voltage equipments. Pls click,


For Thai, link below provides some more information on Partial Discharge.

Basic information in Thai.

Application insulation monitoring machine

Airgap Flux Probe detecting Short Circuit Inter-turn of Rotor

Airgap Flux Probe detecting Short Circuit Inter-turn of Rotor of Turbo Generator

Sparks Instruments SA, MC-monitoring SA , Switzerland

For Hydro Generators, Turbo Generator, Wind turbine, industrial Motors

airgap flux probe

The airgap search coil designed and manufactured by Sparks Instruments SA and is used to detect faults in the rotor winding insulation of turbo generators. The body is made from fiber glass and the sensing element is encapsulated within high temperature epoxy resin. AS many machine designs are different, the ASC sensor is typically designed especially for each type of the machine.

airgap flux probe

The probe is installed on the wedge within the airgap between rotor and stator and the integrated small high temperature cable allows and easy routing outside of the machine. The open wires allows to lay also the cable through the ventilation holes instead passing it through the endwinding section. The probe measure the variation of the magnetic flux created from each rotor coil. It withstand up to 2 Tesla and is designed to operate for more than 155 degree C. The high temperature signal cable can be permanently used for upt o 155 degree C. If longer signal cables than 10m are required, the probe is delivered with a signal driver.

Flux Probe Installation 1

flux Sensor Glued On The generator stator Wedge

sensor Cable Through Air Duct


The acquisition and monitoring unit UDL-8000 is to monitor the high voltage insulation systems. It is a multi-modular system wuth central CPU controller, arious different signal conditioning modules and sensor interfaces (upto 8 modules per controller) and application specific software package. They are used for acquisition, evaluation and monitoring of the rotor flux of turbo generators.

The rotor flux is measured by the ASC-2000 series flux sensor installed within the airgap of the generator. The Flux sensor are connected to this UDL-8000 unit. The module offers the interface for the reference sensor or reference source. Two flux sensors and five 4-20mA analogue inputs for the acquisition of the machine operation condition.

The system using the signal response of each rotor coil and compare it with the coil response of the coil from the opposite pole a partial short turn or complete short turn can be detected

Flux Probe Acquisition Unit


 The sytem can be integrated in one system and communicated to all the condition monitoring devices.

Flux Probe System Integration


Please see on the menu for Online Partial Discharge Minitoring System for further protection of your generator and motors. There is also the information on Insulation and Condition monitoring of High Voltage equipments


Insulation and Condition Monitoring

Insulation and Condition Monitoring

Sparks Instruments SA, MC-monitoring SA , Switzerland

Nowaday, the increase in popularity of preventive maintenance is obvious. the more prevention is, the less unplanned shut down.

We offer Partial Discharge online monitoring system as well as conditions monitoring for


Large Motors,

Large transformer,

High voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear,

High voltge Gas Insulated Busduct,

High voltage underground installation cable and

medium voltage switchgear

for much more reliable measure.

Sparks Instruments has its own research and development team as well as consulting team to provide good , prompt and reliable supports for your valuable assets.

overview insulation condition monitoring


Here below is the conceptual layout of the generator or large motor with Condition monitoring


Insulation condition monitoring RotatingMachine


Here below is the conceptual layout of the underground high voltage cable with Condition monitoring


Insulation condition monitoring Cable


Please click at the menu for Partial Discharge online monitoring and Airgap flux probe for detection onf short circuit inter-turn in rotor of Generator.