Mini CT

Mini Precise Current Transformer Class 0.2 / Current sense transformer

This is the mini current transformer to get input from power current transformer of low voltage and medium voltage that has secondary current of 1A or 5A, the accuracy class is 0.2. We have samples for preliminary testing.


There are 2 models


1. CT01 5A/4mA-- MSCT01-N1250

primary: 1 Turn Current 0-5A
Secondary: Output 0-4mA, load resistance >100 ohm class 0.2








2. CT01 1A/2mA-- MSCT01-N500

primary: 1 Turn Current 0-1A
Secondary: Output 0-2mA, load resistance >100 ohm class 0.2









Both model has been tested successfully and used (of quantity 500 pcs each) by Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

The dimension is here below;



The specification for 1 A is here below

The specification for 5 A is here below