mini precise Voltage Transformer

mini VT class 0.2/ mini Voltage transformer / Voltage sense transformer

The mini VT is used at the PCB level of the protection relay or meter to get the signal from external voltage transformer of variety voltage i.e. 110V/sqrt.3 or 110V.

it is also the device to sense the voltage and convert to digital signal. We have stock for immediately delivery of this type around 150 pieces.

The already mounted in pcb can also be supplied. The molding with epoxy can also be supplied.

Specification of the mini transformer for voltage transformer

Input 150V 50-60Hz
Output 9V 0.01A (10mA)

Coilform: Nylon66 30% Glass Reinforced classB
Enamel copper wire: class B
Magnetic core: Annealed grain-oriented silicon steel
Insulation Material: class B


We make high and sustained quality transfomers in Thailand.

Any special designs from customer is welcome. The minimum quantity is 300 pcs.

We deliver door to door via UPS.

The quiries will be response within a day.