Fast Bus Transfer

fast bus transfer BTS 2000No Power Shutdown

Continuous Power

Aartech BTS2000, Fast Bus transfer system

The system is with less than 2 cycle of dead bus time

for Power Generation Utility and all plants requires continuous process (no interuption)

in phase transfer mode - transfer at first slip cycle phase coincidence with 2nd order prediction algorithm, resudule voltage transfer mode, momentary paralleling mode, protective as well as intelligent automatic transfer initiation (U/V, U/F, df/dt criterion) , ANSI C50.412000 compliant, complete online testing, complete installation and commissioing with 100% support, continuous breaker trip and close circuit monitoring, smart breaker failure processing, integrated system interlocks, upto 4 breaker scheme a single platform, standard communication protocals, advance software tools for virtual testing, transfer event uplaod, replay "What if" anlysis, oscillography, SOE and online viewing etc., smart and can be tailored features like remote communications, customized scheme, customized HMI , motors are saved and life extended from high inrush/reaccelerating currents caused by bus transfer (engineering study)



BTS 2000 fast bus transfer  4 breakers Scheme fast bus transfer


Transfer Stage BTS2000 fast bus transfer

bus Spin Down Characteristic fast bus transfer bts2000


BTS2000inside Panel fast bus transfer


More than 28 years of technical expertise and experieince, more than 400 BTS2000 schemes installed in power plants / process industries worldwide (more than 60,000 MW) since 2000, in house skilled design and R&D team, providing annual maintenance service according to customer's requirements, prompt technical support.

Fast bus transfer system for low voltage , low tension system is also available. BTS2000 low tension low voltage fast bus transfer