GE Limitamp Motor Starter




Limitamp Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers


Metal enclosed controller in bussed lineups that
are used to control and protect squirrel cage induction
and synchronous motors. It can also be used to feed
transformers and other power-utilized circuits



1200A-3000A Bus
Contactor 400, 800A
2500HP Max @4800V
50kA symetrical
UL347 / NEMA ICS 3, part1
stationay or Draw-out Contactor


Basic Starter Types


AC Induction Motors
RVAT-Auto Transformer
RVPR-Primary Reactor
Two Speed (2S2W - 2S1W)


Synchronous motor
(Usually low RPM motors / Steady torque)
Three basic components
Stator controller - FVNR, RVAT, SSRV
Exciter - for motor field winding
                DC power supply - KW rated
Motor monitor - Multilin SPM
quote - must have motor data
motor HP, Voltage, Field Current and Voltage


        limitamp0 color


limitamp0 1highs limitamp0 2highs

MVSS Solid state


Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Rating upto 5KV

Standard Features of Class E-2 Controller
Heavy Duty Soft Starter
125% Continuous Duty Rating
500% Overload Capacity for 60 seconds, 600%
for 30 seconds
Digital Microprocessor Control with Non-volatile Memory
LCD Display with Programming Keypad and status LEDs
Advance Solid State Motor Protection
Control Power Transformer
with primary and secondary fuses
Built-in Normal-test circuit
N1, 1A, 12 or 3R Enclosure
Isolated Low Voltage Compartment
Mechanical and Electrical Interlocks


All spare parts are avaliable.

Retrofits are also avalable.

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