Retrofit GE PowerBreak I Air Circuit Breaker

PowerBreak IRetrofit solutions of the obsolete GE PowerBreak I
50kA, 2000A, 3000A, 4000A
replace with the next generation UL approved GE PowerBreak II or GE Mpact Air Circuit Breaker
or just change the already aging RMS9 trip unit to EntelliGuard TU trip unit

We could survey the ACBs on site and advise the appropriate option.

PowerBreak II3 possible solutions are;

Solution1  is to retrofit the GE PowerBreak I to GE PowerBreak II Air Circuit Breaker (ANSI/UL) and conversion kits. This option is with higher cost. The fact is that GE PowerBreak is the most durable Air Circuit Breaker (UL standard calls Insulated Case Circuit Breaker). This new PowerBreak II will be last 2 time longer than the IEC Air Circuit Breaker in the market. From the records of PowerBreak I, the Circuit Breaker upto now is average 17-20 years old and still running good.

PowerBreak I

 PowerBreak IIPowerBreak II

PowerBreak II backPowerBreak II flame


 GE Mpact Air circuit breakerSolution 2 is to retrofit the GE PowerBreak I to GE Mpact Air Circuit Breaker and conversion kits. This is the econonical solution in a short term. If consider long term at the time span of 15 years, the solution 1 is with lower cost, lower outage over 15 years.






      Solution 3 to change the trip unit RMS9 of GE PowerBreak I
      with the new EntelliGuard TU Trip unit and conversion kits.

Trip Unit RMS9EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit

The work shall be completed in a night in Bangkok for retrofit of 3 sets PowerBreak I. This includes testing and commissioning of the new replacement. The relay setting coordination study and setting value input can also be done optionally.

P.S. the Entelliguard TU Trip Unit and its conversion kits can also be used for other old ACB i.e. GE AK/AKR, GE WavePro, Allis Chalmer, I-T-E, Westinghouse

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.

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